Our mission is to promote communication, dialogue and engagement between researchers, policy makers and the public on scientific and technological subjects of high socio-economic importance. These include, for example, sustainable development and consumption, climate change, energy, security, and biotechnology. The economics of innovation, the integration of science and economics and the promotion of sustainable patterns of development and consumption are related aspects of this remit. Information and Communication Technologies are at the core of our business, providing novel approaches to integrate science in society through discourse, dissemination and adaptive learning.

Our interests include

  • innovative foresighting, roadmapping and strategic planning techniques

  • novel educational or training products and services

  • the engagement of the public in science and innovation

  • sustainable consumption and development and bioeconomics

  • the economics of innovation.

 Communication products and services may take the form of:

  • written publications such as books and reports

  • IT-based media or TV and radio programmes

  • training courses

  • technology roadmaps

  • strategic planning consultancy


Science View Limited Registered at Cardiff No. 6041683 Mobbs Miller House, Ardington Road, Northampton NN1 5LP